Music for 1/13/22!!! Rosali, LNS and DJ Sotofett

@@@ Rosali: No Medium (Spinster, 2021) I got to this female driven rock via bandcamp’s best of ’21. Various reviews invariably mention Crazy Horse and while I don’t totally agree I get it. The first tune, Mouth, doesn’t crush/rock as much as Bones, which is very retro guitar rock. It’s good to see a woman staking out this traditionally male rock space. Guitar tones are excellent and while it is slotted as indie on Apple Music it’s got a straightforward feel to the production and doesn’t traffic in much of anything I know to be indie. If this sounds interesting with you, start with the third track, Pour Over Ice, and then go from there.

@@@ LNS & DJ Sotofett: Stutters (Tresor, 2021). This record is on the best electronic music of 2021 and is described as a record rooted in techno but containing elements of other musics like dub and Appalachian folk music. No not folk music. It’s described as being a super fun record and I guess the purposely cheesy video game sounds and bumped up tempos push it in that direction. I guess a fair number of these tracks could work in blaxploitation movies or B grade television shows. I like the energy but I could actually use more. I like it but it will not be a late addition to my best of ’21 list.

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