Music for 1/12/22!!! Burial, Ruth Mascelli

@@@ Burial: Antidawn (Hyperdub, 2022) I got to this track I think via Invisible Oranges but I’m a bit confused as it’s slotted as electronic music on Apple Music and Invisible Oranges is a metal website. There are five tracks over 43 minutes and the Apple Music blurb say it’s virtually beatless. I like this label but I’m not sure I’m up for 43 minutes of beatless. I’ll peep it with an open mind. I’m checking out the beginning of the second track and there are the faintest traces of rhythm like chattering insects and I’m feeling this. It’s so light but just that faraway piece of rhythm is just enough to anchor you and ground you with all the ambient business floating by. It feels random with occasional one line sung melodies and it’s very ambient (a plus for me) so I would say this is going to be a personal decision. Folks need to check it out to see if they want to deal. I’m going to go back to the second song and start again and try to eat the whole sandwich because it was compelling for me.

@@@ Ruth Mascelli: Petri Dish (Discpiles, 2021) I got to the above, brand spankin’ new for ’22 track via an Invisible Oranges tweet and this track via the Crack Magazine everybody who works there favorites typa thing email click through to a link. It opens with a bouncing bass typa line, more video game than funk show. It’s a very sparse sound stage with a kick drum added, some left to right distorted snare-clicks travelling back and forth with an occasional dubwise thing. Lotsa tension with a slow build. It’s a 6 minute banger and I’m thinking this is going to be a high end department store listen. Everything manicured and in its place displayed with maximal taste. I mean you can get sweaty to this but the refinement here appears to be the emphasis. So fresh and so clean as a rapper once said. I’m giving a quick listen to a track further down — it’s called Circle of Shit and it employs the same aesthetic despite the messy title. There are parts of this record that really work for me but the slightly static nature of the tracks doesn’t get me jumping up and down.

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