Music for 1/11/22!!! Wu-Lu, Ryan Sambol

@@@ Ryan Sambol: Dinner Where I’m Staying (Punctum/Forever Wet Paint, 2021) I don’t know how I got to the above track because it’s a recycled draft post from late November but this track I got to via Pitchfork’s underrated of 2021 tracks. It opens with a pleasantly janky piano blues typa sound. It’s like Pavement and Bob Dylan had a love baby and shit. I like the flappiness and not giving a fuck looseness to the track. You even get a harmonica, c’mon a harmonica is a good deal. I’m checking out the next track and it’s a stripped back formula with piano and the same slip slap vocal style. The song is called She who Rarely Hears her full Name and I’m enjoying the incoherence of listening to him sing. I can picture some folks really getting into this.

@@@ Wu-Lu: Broken Homes (Warp, 2022) Opens up with some a downer ambient intro before kicking into a funkier, retro place. There’s some spoken word in the intro, and then a rock singer kinda thing when the tune cranks proper. It is a proper blend of dub, hip hop, post rock. I dig it all right, I’m kinda unmoved by rock and don’t have much to say about it these days.

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