Music for 12/6/22!!! Gazelle Twin and NYX, Blank

@@@ Gazelle Twin & NYX: Deep England (NYX Collective, 2021) I got to this record via a list on the Guardian where they called the 10 releases ‘contemporary’ and nothing more. It’s electronic music and it opens with a joyous bell ringing (mad churchy) and a drone, a static drone. Then you get a traditional pennywhistle typa melody and I like that less. Then a big female vocalist with a huge reverb patch and that’s it I’m on to the next track, that opener is too shire-y. I’m in the second tune and it’s glitched and processed Lord of the Rings-y type chant ‘what species this?’ which I get but I’m not moved by it. Others may be, I get that. There’s nary a beat to be seen in ye righteous ol’ forest, which is fine but meself I coulda used a beat, this is an electro church service sing-a-long thingy which is quite ambitious, but alas it’s not for me.

@@@ Blank Gloss: Trailing Bittersweet (Night Young, 2020) Lush ambient music with guitar, which is a pet peeve for me. When I hear plain guitar sounds in ambient music I immediately think of space rock music ala Radiohead and shit. In addition to the guitar which is strike one for me there is a most definite New Age bent to the sounds and that’s strikes two and three for me. It’s an ambient record in name only, it’s just using that big spacious idea without making that space with abstract manipulated sounds. That’s just me and if this floats your boat then have at it.

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