Music for 1/4/22!!! Biffy Clyro, Joy Crookes

@@@ Biffy Clyro: A Hunger in Your Haunt (Warner UK, 2021) Big mainstream rawk!!!! I’m listening from bottom to top and this comes out with big drums and a huge hook in the chorus. There’s a big slashing descending riff that segues into extensive power chord happening. The energy is high but the manicured nature of the proceedings doesn’t really work for me. Life is messy, and I want to hear some mess. If folks are using this rock to really rock, well you gotta half a loaf mister. I’m on my whatevs best of ’21 list and I think I might have heard everything out there.

@@@ Joy Crookes: Skin (Insanity Records, 2021) Title track and I got to this via the Album of the Year best of ’21. It opens with piano and Crookes’ plaintive singing, then subtle strings. Smells like an incoming explosion but ya never know! It’s a just shy of 3 minute banger and we’re over halfway and it’s still chill. The lyrics are meh while the vocal melodies are good and her singing is good. The skin you’re given is made to be lived in, that’s the hook. Overall it’s a restrained presentation that inspires a restrained response.

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