Music for 1/2/22!!! Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, For those I love

@@@ Nick Cave & Warren Ellis: Carnage (Goliath/Awal, 2021) Title track off a record slotted at #6 on NME’s best of 2021 records. I try to check out Cave’s recent work much more for the arrangements than his pronouncements which people love and I don’t hate but I’m not shitting my pants over. The synths (assumption) and other garnish pulsates and modulates in a most pleasant manner. This track has been tricked out with string arrangements and background singers so it’s got a full drama tilt to it. The extra drama detracts a little for me and it does appear that Nick Cave is crossing over into the Leonard Cohen of our times. I could use some variety out of him but that’s just me.

@@@ For Those I Love: You Stayed/To Live ( , 2021) I think I’ve heard this record before but I’m going to double check. There’s a sad story behind this record, this guy who worked in the rave scene with another dude and that dude died and this is a record that digests his passing yadda yadda yadda. Yeah I’ve heard this record and didn’t love it as I thought the spoken word parts didn’t give well with the dancefloor business but lo and behold I’m not the only person feeling that way as there’s an instrumental version of the record and I much prefer it. It’s not my favorite flavor of rave but it’s all right. It’s got a bit of a bombastic feel to the synth sounds and the arrangements but it’s not completely offputting. Lots of folks dig this flavor so I’m in the minority here.

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