Music for 12/29/21!!! Wet Leg, Japanese Breakfast

@@@ Wet Leg: Chaise Lounge (Domino, 2021) This track is on a Digg best of 2021 list and weirdly it’s a pre-release tune from a record out in April. It’s very Devo, straight rock with an aloof female just barely singing. Very nice sounds, well executed but the amount of creativity on offer here is quite limited. It’s barely got a twist on the classic rock quiet in the verse then hardly breaking a sweat in the chorus. More proof that mainstream music culture is more often than not super boring.

@@@ Japanese Breakfast: Be Sweet (Dead Oceans, 2021) Also off the Digg list and again we’re in very familiar territory, this time not the Devo action but ’80s sweet synth goodness with plinky guitar and female singers. Oooh, big Madonna cheese in the chorus — yikes I can’t let that go by without denouncing that. I’m not sure what to say here — well executed, sounds good but just wow not much particularly original but a very well done reproduction of a long ago performance. This is on the best of 2021 list!

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