Music for 12/26/21!!! fallfiftyfeet, Pupil Slicer

@@@ fallfiftyfeet: Twisted World (Self-released, 2021). A metalcore release off Invisible Oranges 20 best metalcore releases of 2021. Advertised as metalcore I’m hearing more of a harder grunge sound especially in the drums and the singer. They get into it a bit more in the second track and when they do I really dig it. Oooh yeah, when they hit it it’s pretty full on with strong punk flavorings. Oh shit, my itunes is fucked beyond belief and just clicks through all the tracks, fuck tim cook and his bullshit machines. I switched over to bandcamp and it works though the quality is not as good. These guys seems pretty split between furious metal and more tuneful hard rock which is cool but it’s not really for me.

@@@ Pupil Slicer: Mirrors (Prosthetic Records, 2021) Also on the Invisible Oranges best metalcore records of 2021, this record opens brutal and I expect it’s going to just beat the fuck out of anybody who dares to listen. Wow, this is a debut, some impressive shit for a debut. Oh this first track has dropped the aggro for some forlorn moaning singing from the singer and farty, grizzled bass and then it re-ignites into a fierce storm of guitar noise and punishing drums. These guys have a certain amount of math to their sound but it doesn’t drop any of the fury when it gets all mathed up. Wow, that was one song, fuck me. There is a fair amount of PIg Destroyer happening here but the extra dimension of the mathiness does differentiate. Wow, this is some highly flammable shit, it’s quite mad and enjoyable. If yer up for some post holiday mucho aggro these guys will hook you up. Tight as fuck!!!

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