Music for 12/18/21!!! Tony Shhnow, yes/and

@@@ Tony Shhnow: Right Now (Dojo Records, 2021) From a list of underrated records from 2021 by Pitchfork writers. This track opens with a lot of lighter ’80s sounds but the MC spills all over the track, off the beat and slippery and possibly a delay or a second doubled track, I’m guessing it’s a delay. What we have here is an off kilter formula: shopping mall sounds and then mental hospital rhymes. I get it and appreciate it but I can’t say I’m super enjoying it.

@@@ yes/and: Ugly Orange (Driftless, 2021) Instrumental music, indie flavored, reminiscent of The Books from the Pitchfork. Some rando voices floating in the mix, beside some cloudy, flute like synths. The main component out front is a messy but a bit proggy guitar figure that circles and may be looped. It’s got a very relaxed, oxy vibe shall we say and it’s more vibe than super composed. That’s how I’m hearing it. I like the vibe but I would enjoy it more it dropped the guitar and rocked a super ambient flow, but hey that’s just me. I’m not sure I see the genius at work here. Quick peep of the next song verifies that guitar is key to the proceedings and the ambient, slightly trippy vibe is set to continue.

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