Music for 12/13/21!!! Mach-Hommy, SeeYouSpaceCowboy

@@@ Mach-Hommy: Folie A Deux (Self-released, 2021) These two listens are off this week’s Pitchfork’s 10 most reviewed albums. I’m listening to video clipped below and it’s horn driven hip hop with the beat surprisingly back in the mix and two MCs and the horns right up in yer grill. Ah, this MC is Haitian American from Newark, so that explains all the titles in French. Imma check out a few more tracks as I dig these mashes. He’s got a couple short bits in between tracks and I’m feeling the fourth track ‘Separation of the Sheep and the Goats’. It’s definitely a break from the trap business and some interesting rearrangement of sounds into something fresher here. He’s got a little Wu up in here if I’m not mistaken.

@@@ SeeYouSpaceCowboy: Misinterpreting Constellations (Pure Noise, 2021) Ah life is so strange, I had no clue the gent below is signalling a heavy metal record. This is not your classic metal, it’s got big streaks of emo and nu metal but they surely do bring energy along with the singalong choruses. It’s got a very high level of herk a jerk where you don’t know where the arrangement is going to jump to next and I like that a whole bunch. There is some classic stomping/flexing at points but as I said there’s a whole bunch flavors they jump between. I’m feeling the singer when his throat is just shredded and the Linkin Park singalong business I like less. Feeling this drummer, he’s working hard to make America metallic again, followed closely by the guitarist.

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