Music for 12/9/21!!! Parris, Grace Cummings

@@@ Parris: Skater’s World (Can You Feel the Sun, 2021) If you took an ’80s synth rock and put a decent dollop of glitch and processing you got pretty close to this track. It’s a got a little Prince feel but not as much funk, not nearly as much funk unfortunately. It’s a celebration of skateboarding which I can’t identify with but it takes all kinds to fill the world. Female singer, big kick drum sound with a lot of percussion sounds added on top with that ’80s snare sound I really can’t abide by. Imma peep a bit of another track just to see how the madness unfolds. The fifth tune, Crimson Kano, sports the same amount of rhythm which I don’t dislike and a little bit of electro sauce over it. If you consider the rhythm to be the hamburger and the rest of the arrangement to be the ketchup I could use more ketchup on this burger, it doesn’t appear to be the right ratio for me. Oh no, I’m an idiot, it’s comin’ on strong! They musta been getting warmed up and there’s more than enough ketchup here. Check out the fifth track Crimson Kano and go from there. I also like the instrumental business more than the guest vocalist business.

@@@ Grace Cummings: Storm Queen (ATO, 2021) I got to this track via an Australian music magazine, Happy Magazine is what it’s called. I’m writing this way on purpose, the stream of conciousness is the point, I could write properly if I chose to. This is a pre-release track out on a major label branch in Australia. It’s got a faded classic rock feel, opening up with a strummed acoustic guitar. When the harder guitar comes in with the tenor sax you know it’s gonna be a blues growler. The question is whether I’m gonna hang for the whole sandwich. It was a burger in the above review and this song is a sandwich. They have a pretty classic sandwich set up here, but I’m thinking it could use the sharpness of some mustard. The piano is coming but it is yet to be rockin’. It goes out a bit skronky but I remain somewhat unimpressed, I wanted more, too storm und drang and draggy for me.

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