Music for 12/8/21!!! Yves Tumor, Uniiqu3

@@@ Yves Tumor: Jackie (Warp, 2021) I got to this track via Crack Magazine’s best 25 jams of 2021. To my ears this is a mashup of ’80s krauty rock in the vocal melodies with a little industrial vibe and crunch in the guitars. I’m a big fan of Crack Magazine but I hear this song and it doesn’t make me feel much of anything at all. It comes across to me as a pose and it’s very light on authentic feeling. Maybe somebody else can hear it and feel something real here but I don’t.

@@@ UNIIQU3: Microdosing (Local Actions, 2021) This is a dancefloor banger with the big kick drum, the rhythmic keyboard vamp, and a singer imploring the listener to microdose on her love. I think this would be a fine hook for a listener that’s high off their ass but unfortunately I’m not high and I don’t think being high should be a prerequisite for enjoying a particular song or piece of music. And it just wears the hook out, the verse is better as the female MC leans into the microphone with quick spitting rhymes. Like keyboard part, agnostic on the classic techno beats, and not really feeling the hook.

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