Music for 12/6/21!!! JJJJJerome Ellis, R.A.P. Ferreira

@@@ JJJJJerome Ellis: Loops of Retreat (NNA, 2021) From searching around for a video for folks to check out I saw this dude seems pretty high brow, associated with the Yale School of Art, so it’s electronic music but well I don’t know what it’s gonna be. It opens pretty droned out with spoken word and it is unfortunately more conceptual than what I like. Lots of words here. Imma skip around and see if I can get the word free business because I dig the sounds. I just want my ambient music ambient. I have nothing against this musician and the concepts he’s interested in but I just want to space out to ambient music. Very nice sounds with a tiny New Age flavor when the flute hits.

@@@ R.A.P. Ferreira: East Nashville (Ruby Yacht, 2021) Also off this week’s Pitchfork’s 10 most reviewed albums. This is the 8th track of the record and Ferreira kicks the rhymes over pretty chill beats and most definitely chill keyboard sounds. I liked that track and am checking out another one that sports a similar keyboard sound and syrupy rhymes. I find Ferreira’s loose flow is quite stylish though I find the chill keyboards a bit wash-y and energy lowering and I could use some contrast to his voice which is really the star here.

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