Music for 12/5/21!!! The Armed

@@@ The Armed: An Iteration (Sargent House, 2021) Oh baby, I saw this record up on Treble magazine’s best metal of 2021. This is definitely a smash up of flavors taking sweet shoegaze-y vocals and bolting that on top of a manic, shreddy and noisy as fuck undercarriage. I’m checking out another track and it’s much wilder, especially the drummer who sounds like somebody shot a coupla cans of Red Bull into his eyeballz. I’m super feeling the drummer and feeling like he’s stealing the show. I could use a similar performance from the guitarist who appears to be dropping buckets of distortion into the punchbowl and calling it a day. I’m back the next day for a quick peep before publishing this post — I noticed yesterday and again today that there’s a fair amount of variety to the tracks — the same sounds but cranked or sweetened accoring to each track. I’m listening to the fourth track right now and it’s a Foo fighters that has been extruded through a shitty transistor radio. I want to love this and I do like it but I don’t love it. I can picture them making a record that I love but this isn’t it. There are passages here that will crush your fucking eardrums so be careful.

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