Music for 12/4/21!!! Rival Consoles

@@@ Rival Consoles: Monster (Erased Tapes, 2021) This is the opening track of a record I got to via this week’s All Music notable release email. Is this release notable? We shall see! It opens with a retro synth pulse to drive it, then some strings (violin-y) flourishes and some panning insect-y bits to bring up the spooky aggro level. It then brings in the kick and what I call the open pipe sound where it’s a tone but with a lot of noise in it just gushing like a Gulf of Mexico oil rig bursting. There’s a lot of sounds rotating through keeping it fresh and marking the sections of the track all driven by that first pulsing tone. Oh shit, this is a just over 10 minute banger, am I going to hang for the whole sandwich? I like parts of this track and think parts of this are a bit dramatical. I think keeping that pulse driving the track (I’m halfway through) is reasonable but it’s not my favorite sound in the song so that complicates its constant presence. It’s a very polished sound, if it had more distortion or grit (or if the sound remained mostly the same but the tone was changed through certain sections) I would be more enthused. I made it to 7 minutes which I think is pretty good.


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