Music for 12/2/21!!! Sonic Liberation Front

@@@ Sonic Liberation Front: Moon Rust Red Streets (High Two, 2021) This is a jazz record by musicians from the Philadelphia area with pretty heavy electronic and funk flavors to it. It was made during the forgotten racial protests of 2020 and just came out this week. It’s a 39 minute record consisting of 6 pieces, the shortest clocking in at just under 6 minutes so it has a groove oriented and slightly jammy feel. That said there’s plenty of good stuff going on here and I found myself listening to the purveyor of electronics most of all, followed by the rhythms. The instrumentation is pretty standard but enhanced by a variety of synth sounds. For example, in the title track opening up the record there’s a boing-y synth patch that bounces off the horn section consisting of flute, trumpet and at least one saxophone. This track is a big fat banger, the synth funkafies and deepens the track with its just beneath chaotic rhythm. There is a possibility that the bassist is producing those synth sounds, it’s hard to say there’s so many ways to get there these days. The second tune, Lumbering Giant switches the keys over to a water droplet vampy electric piano thing and the congas have moved over to make way for the drumkit which is kinds tinking in back of the mix. There’s upright bass on some tracks and electric on others, and sometimes there’s a little dubwise delay action. Overall there’s a lot to listen to here without it coming across as scattered and/or unfocused. This second track certainly lives up to its name. Also big ups on the fourth track Breath Sounds which showcases some interesting vocalizing though my 18 year old thought it could have been developed more. I’d have to check it out again and I told him not everything has to be all over. Definitely a Bitches Brew flavor while doing its own thing for sure.

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