Music for 11/30/21!!! Makaya McCraven, Parris

@@@ Makaya McCraven: Frank’s Tune (Blue Note, 2021) This is a straight jazz release led by a drummer. This is the eighth track of the record and after a spoken word intro it gets into a straight-fusion blend heavier on the straight but not by a ton. The beat is more Gap Band than McCoy Tyner. The rhythmic undercarriage is the most interesting element here as it funkafies the proceedings. The synth and horn line are pretty standard stuff, it’s cool but not particularly standing out. The player clicked through and the funky beats continue and so does the guitar that I’m agnostic about.

@@@ Parris: Poison Pudding (Can You Feel the Sun, 2021) This is the ninth track on a record called Soaked in Indigo Moonlight which is quite a fancy title, imho. The intro is a layered beat, drum machine beat, before a minimal dublike bass enters. Around 1:25 we get a classic drum ‘n bass beat blast before returning to the original flavor pack though it bounces once again. The layering on top of the beats is pretty minimal, possibly a bit too minimal for my taste. Very nice and engaging arpeggiated melody around 2:25 and at that point the tune feels fully cooked and I like it. It’s a bit sci-fi and could use a bit of grit but it’s moving around, droppping the energy, rebuilding it, and returning to previous ideas but in a slightly expanded manner. I don’t know what it is preventing me from fully embracing this music, it could be me. I’m switching up to the second track for a quick listen and I think maybe it’s the drum machine. The beats are pretty complex but the sound of the drum machine is a bit unfunky and nerdy. If it had some hip hop tone and weight to it I’d be up in there. I’m going out on the track ‘Laufen in birkencrocs’ and it’s what I hoped the whole record would be. Playful, funky and stylish, check that one out.

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