Music for 11/29/21!!! dltzk, Ichiko Aoba

@@@ dltzk: misplace (dead air, 2021) Off this week’s Pitchfork’s most reviewed albums and this is some 17 year old nutter from New Jersey. It’s the third track of the record and is slacker grunge blended with pop flavors. The drums sound really good here. The guitar is downer-y but by the time you get the break after the chorus it’s a kaleidoscopic pop biscuit. Oy that was quite a journey and back to the down verse. Lots of glitch/electro sauce throughout to flavor up the place. Mr. dltzk’s voice is fine, not particularly inspiring but I don’t think that’s the goal here. There’s nothing particularly rough here which is not accidental and it’s all about the swirl after the chorus, that’s my assessment. I made it 3 minutes into it, that’s pretty good. This is for the shopping mall folks out there.

@@@ Ichiko Aoba: Porcelain (hermine, 2021) With traces of jazz fusion and a bit of prog rock then a female Japanese voice you are in for the full flavor pack today. It’s an upright bass here with some swirly electronic bits and classic clean indie guitar arpeggios. Also a flute so if you’re feeling like you’d like to try on a pair of angel wings and get your New Age on, this could work for you. Very orchestral and for people with well paying jobs who drink red wine and shake their heads at the dirty rabble. I’m doing a quick check of the next song to see if the madness continues — there are changes to the instrumentation but the same vibe remains, you will not find any converge style pain and suffering making an appearance here. The ratios of indie/classical/New Age varies but the aim is true.

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