Music for 11/28/21!!! Nilotika Cultural Ensemble, Etran de L’Air

@@@ Nilotika Cultural Ensemble: Ghetto People (East Africa Records, 2021) Oh man, I’m listening bottom to top and there’s nothing like a super tasty roots reggae jam to lift yer spirits. This is African reggae which is most definitely reggae with a different hard to define African flavor to it. This guy gave a shout out to Kampala (Uganda) and here the layers of rhythms are different including what sounds like a steel drum and a bunch of hand drums. Big ups to the trumpet player and the singer and really all of them because this is sticky as shit. Check this shit out. Don’t miss this one, it’s super fat. This track is on Apple Music as a single but the track also appears on their 2021 record Nyabinghi Resurrection which I’m checking out and the first track is so sticky I may not make it out alive. Oh, this is gonna make it to my year end list, this shit is so funky it will hurt you if you’re not careful.

@@@ Etran de L’Air: Adounia (Sahel Sounds, 2021) This is a pre-release for a record coming out next year which is right around the corner. It’s got a super flavorful shuffle drumbeat, the classic two guitar attack and overall a hypnotic and pretty rocking vibe to it. The energy is pretty high without being completely manic and they got a good jam going on. I don’t know if it’s the early winter business or something else but I’m not super feeling it as much as I should be considering the parts that go into the track which are pretty great. Special love for the drummer here.

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