Music for 11/26/21!!! Static Dress, Naime Bock

@@@ Static Dress: sweet (Self-released, 2021) From this week’s Line of Best Fit and this is supposed to be Gen Z’s heavy band. It opens with a frantic drum beat, splashy and hissy a bit from compression. Then come the slashing guitars and the singer (dude) at the end of his rope, at least in the verse. It’s very jumpy overall and especially in the sectioning of the track, the vocal melody bouncing around on the rough seas of the band. It’s medium rough with a bit of performative play rough, with the singer’s voice burnt and staticky though it smooths out in the chorus which further destabilizes the structure of the track. Solid B.

@@@ Naima Bock: 30 Degrees (Sub Pop, 2021) Also off this week’s Line of Best Fit. It opens with a woman humming/singing while traffic goes by. Then acoustic guitar gently picked, and the singer does a minimalist and slightly off kilter sing song style. Then hand drum, tambourine, and the backgrounds and with the electric bass it should be pretty much fully realized. Around 1:45 there’s just a little bit of orchestral Beatles type flavor but so quick if you look at your phone you’ll miss that shit. I’m agnostic on her voice which is one of the main components of the track. I like the orchestral bits, the drums sound cool, I don’t love the background vocals but I do like that the arrangement continues to turn over and doesn’t stay in one place. The ending is a big ass stack of vocals and I’m agnostic on that as well. So some good stuff and some stuff I don’t love as much.

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