Music for 11/24/21!!! Chris Liebing, Ben LaMar Gay

@@@ Chris Liebing: Whispers and Wires (Mute, 2021) This is the eighth song off this techno record that just came out. It’s pretty sci-f in the beginning here, churning and refraining from the classic unt-sss. Oooh, a female vocalist, sultry — will we have a song or a techno jam with diva bits? It’s a just shy of 6 minute banger and she’s back for another verse, the vocals really change the vibe bigly. He busts out with a long dubby vocal churn and also what might be considered a solo so there’s not only a song feel here, but a bit of a rock feel. The last 90 seconds, noop, I was gonna say it was a reflection of the intro with a dubbed out snare but the vocalist is back again. I’m agnostic on the singer, she’s cool but I think I enjoy my techno more without a lot of singing. I’m giving a quick peep to the third track, 10 West, and it’s similar. I like it, am not jumping up and down but some nice arranging here.

@@@ Ben LaMar Gay: Aunt Lola and the Quail (Nonesuch, 2021) I put this listen second for today because it’s on Nonesuch and well Nonesuch is kinda a full of shit label for people with really good jobs playing like they’re hip. I will be happy to admit if this turns out not to be the case. The video clipped below is is the fourth track of the record and it has a looser feel than the record above. It sports a bit of a noodly keyboard feel in the opening but it’s not what I expected from such a buttlocked label. I like the looseness of the arrangement over the toms and it comes off as undercover jazz. Imma check out who’s on this biscuit. Ah, once in a while I hit the shit correctly, Mr. LaMar Gay is a jazz cornetist from Chicago that sometimes lives in Brazil and I’m feeling the two places in this record — he sounds like Henry Threadgill filtered through a bunch of VSTs. I’m super feeling this record and it will end up on my year end list. It is a super interesting blend of electronic and improvised music. I did not think I would like it but I do and I hope folks out there check it out.

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