Music for 11/23/21!!! Converge, The Darkness

@@@ Converge: Blood Moon (Epitaph, 2021) Some hardcore/metal+ with this listen and hard rock down below in the second listen off this week’s All Music notable release email. I don’t know who Chelsea Wolfe is, let me GooglePimp that shit. There are two singers here in this track opening the record — a sort of blanched cat and as the storm of guitar shreds rises a female, Chelsea Wolfe, comes on. It’s way more dramatical when she’s on the mic. I don’t know which way the record is going to go but it has some Converge squall and noise while introducing a more polished and dramatical feel. Oh the dude is back and he’s quite pissed. I made it almost all the way through the opening 8 minute banger and the second track is stormier, at least the begining. It does look set to bounce back and forth between thrashy sections and more orchestrated ones. The more I listen the more it grows on me but dramatic metal is a stretch for me.

@@@ The Darkness: The Power and the Glory of Love (Cooking Vinyl, 2021) Fourth track on this record called Motorheart and it’s an AC/DC undercarriage with a much friendlier, almost G rated singer. Super friendly guy which pushes it towards Thin Lizzy. When he hits the hook, ‘the power and the glory of love’ it’s the highpoint as he’s got an epic melody packed over the dual guitar attack. It’s a form of entertainment I’ll give them that. It’s also super familiar, somebody has played along with Back in Black dozens of times here.

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