Music for 10/22/21!!! Chrissi, Doran

@@@ Chrissi: Back in the Day (Listen Generously, 2021) I got to this UK r&b singer via Crack Magazine. It’s a torch song, but not a love song from what I can tell. I was doing something else and ended up in the second tune ‘Tracksuit’ which is a slinky thing that I dig. I’m not following all the lyrics but I think it’s about more than ‘Tracksuits’. It’s got a minimalist guitar part that punctures the mix rhythmically while the singer flows very syrupy on the microphone. Very nice integration of sounds and voice on this EP. It’s pretty funky in a subtly funky manner.

@@@ Doran: Deer People Reprise (Spinster, 2021) The last track of the record that bookends the first track which is Doran. It opens acapella and as the last track on the record I’m guessing there’s a good chance it will go acapella all the way through. I like the second half where it really dies down into a lasagna of oohs and aahs to take you out of the record. Imma check the sister piece the opens the record to get a better sense of what’s going on. Holy shit this record is all acapella, that’s bold! For real, super bold. I can’t rock a whole record of this style but hey go for it and big points for the freak flag flying.

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