Music for 11/15/21!!! Sad Night Dynamite, Katy B

@@@ Sad Night Dynamite: Psychedelic Views (Elecktra, 2021) Slotted as alternative on the Apple Music to me this is more of a mainstream pop rock hip hop biscuit. Drum machine, synth bass, a strummed acoustic guitar gently strummed, and a young gent going loverboy and low temperature on the microphone. It’s a sort of horror movie track about a spooky hotel or some such and it gets more ambient and sonically large as the tune moves on. The creative core here is the idea of the song, the nightmarish flow and somehow how that and a gangster lifestyle with expensive cars and cocaine are melded in a nonsensical way. It’s a bit of a word salad and don’t think it’s worth the time to go into what this might be about or not.

@@@ Katy B: Lay Low (Rinse, 2021) Some space age, fully pimped r&b I got to via Line of Best Fit. It’s got a bit of that Drake chill stick beat but she’s a torcher at points, a big voice. I like the bit of horn and I like the thick stew of the track. The wishy washy guitar is a bit of a downer for me but hey who bats .1000? It’s a pretty nice mix of sounds and she sings well but if the lyrics were more engaging I would be all over this. That and better guitar tones.

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