Music for 11/13/21!!! IFE

@@@ IFE: 0000+0000 (Discos Ifa, 2021). This is electronic music by an African American gent located in New Orleans and I got to this via the bandcamp essential releases of the week. The opener, Preludio opens up with a keyboard progression and a stack of vocal tracks, male/female, process/partially processed and more processed. The second tune Fireflies has a Brazilian feel as well as a bit of an uplifting New Age feel. I like it, the rhythms and the processed vocals especially. The third tune, Fake Blood, is meatier with political lyrics while retaining aspects of the previous two tracks. I skipped ahead to the eighth track, Voodoo Economics, as it was specifically mentioned in the bandcamp writeup and I think I like this one the best of what I’ve heard. There’s a lot to be commended here, the synth sounds are really tasty, stylish electro bass pushin’ up from underneath, but I think I could use a real instrument or less of a fully fleshed out electro feel. Also it could some grit, in my opinion, it’s a bit too light and it could use some contrast heavy/light. It’s a super interesting mash of sounds and certainly doesn’t insist on being American music, whatever that might be defined as; the mongrelism is awsome.

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