Music for 11/12/21!!! Aimee Mann, aya

@@@ Aimee Mann: Suicide is Murder (Self released, 2021) I saw a profile of Ms. Mann in the Guardian. I was never a huge fan of her big hit from back in the day, but you know time moves on and she’s probably a completely different person now. It does appear that she always been quite smart, so let’s peep. Clipped below is the ninth track for your listening pleasure and it’s a piano ballad. I struggle with the piano ballads, don’t blame me blame Elton John. I think it’s a creative title lyric and she executes the lyrics really well. As the tune rolls strings are added and some occasional percussion here and there. She’s got me convinced, suicide is murder. Drumkit comes in at 2:20 with a brushed snare thing. I let the player click through and the record gives me the impression of being a Randy Newman type acidic lyrics dropped into high end, quasi orchestral arrangements sort of record. It’s really nice so check it out if it sounds interesting to you. Somebody had to pay all these musicians so good on them for making a bit of coin.

@@@ aya: once wen’t west (hyperdub, 2021) I got to this from the 10 most reviewed records of the week sent out by the mighty pitchfork. This is a funky and janky banger, the third track of the record with a loose feel, spontaneous percussion and sound flying all over the place occasionally in a less is more arrangement. I dig it, it’s a rare electro track where I dig the lyrics — here they’re pretty processed so not super clear and they rhyme but they don’t distract they add to it. At least for me. I let the player move through and it’s more of the same and I say I will sit down and eat the whole sandwich if you’re servin’ it up. I love the feel of it, irreverent and very not giving of a single fuck.

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