Music for 11/10/21!!! Wet Leg, Blackhaine

@@@ Wet Leg: Wet Dream (Domino, 2021) I got to this track via a music publicist. Domino is usually up into the weird rock but the weirdness here is the open celebration of masturbation in public. It’s surprisingly cheerful with handclaps and the whole thing is quite jarring. Back in the days it would have been celebrated as sleazy guy rock but not here. I can’t really get a grip on what’s going on here besides the lyrics. If you’re in the mood for a female driven poppy tune about desire and wanting and jerking off well have at it, there’s no shame in it!

@@@ Blackhaine: Saddleworth (Head II, 2021) I got to this UK multimedia artist via Crack Magazine. Surprisingly the EP is not slotted witha genre on Apple Music but it opens up very ambient, beatless and pretty processed. Some delayed 808 handclaps start in as well as some processed voices. This is in the darker Blade Runner part of town, oops spoken word with glitch on the voice. Aggro dude. The spoken word has more of an urgent spoken poetry vein and not in a hip hop vein. The sounds swirl more as he gets more worked up. I like the overall impression of the track, pumping angry and dark.

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