Music for 11/9/21!!! Santino Le Saint, Portray of Guilt

@@@ Santino Le Saint: Ride or Die (Cloud X/Empire, 2021) Off this week’s Line of Best Fit. Ride or Die is a bold motorcycle motto but this is a Drake style cheese bomb with trap beats and a thick cream sauce. Oy. Lyrics too stupid to even get into, it’s a reenactment of Bonnie and Clyde but with a thick dollop of dumbass. The chorus is a massive blast of watery diarrhea and I could not denounce this any more profoundly.

@@@ Portrayal of Guilt: “where the suffering never….” (Run for Cover, 2021) I can’t remember how I got to this. It’s some pretty aggro metal and this is 9th and second to last track. Now these guys should do a track called ride or die cuz the would put some muscle into it. The singer is really shredding his throat and putting a lot into this track. Drums high in the mix, I always like that. I guess this record, entitled Christfucker, would not be welcome in many religious parts of the country but who cares, freedom and shit. I’m checking out another track and it has a pretty thick industrial flavor to it- big mechanical sounds, a wall of static and a singer shouting in what can be construed as military bootcamp cadence. I like the variety here as they maintain a very crushing approach. There’s some good stuff here. I cut my finger yesterday and the bandage plays a role in putting extra os in this post. Apologies if I haven’t de-ooooed this post.

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