Music for 11/8/21!!! Tonstartssbandht

@@@ Tonstartssbandht: What Has Happened (Mexican Summer, 2021) I know what has happened, I slliced my finger with a knife this morning and just got back from getting it stitched so just one listen today. No one gives a fuck to be quite honest about this. This opens as sorta big, a little ambient space rock that takes a Radiohead vibe when the singer comes in, but without the alienated Radiohead vibe. Without the dark crunch this set of sounds can sport a New Age flavor, maybe completely unintentionally. There’s a sort of delayed piano thing that runs from the beginning to the end and it’s got a bunch of motion in it but I could use a break and a return to it. It’s most definitely the hook of the track, I just think some on/off could make the hook work better. It’s just shy of 7 minutes and it could be shorter. Not for me specifically but for listeners.

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