Music for 11/2/21!!! Circuit de Yeux, Parquet Courts

@@@ Circuit de Yeux: Vanishing (Matador, 2021) From this week’s Pitchfork 10 most reviewed albums. Second song on the record, and the first thing that hits me is that she bit part of the melody from an old ELO record. Don’t Bring Me Down! She takes it in a different direction with some religion-y type vocalizing, wow it’s a bit surprising this is out on the Matador imprint. The times they are a changin’, this is some art school, proggy PJ Harvey inspired but not PJ Harvey non guitar rock. Not to be graphic but is she sticking her vajeen in our faces in this video below? Smells like it. There’s a lot of rock drumming here to go with the dramatical singing performance. I don’t hate the components here, but I’m not a huge fan of the strings and the vocals and the impression they combine to produce. I get that the tune is designed to provoke drama but outside of that??

@@@ Parquet Courts: Homo Sapien (Rough Trade, 2021) Seventh track on the record and it sounds like the Strokes and the Stones had a love child. Or a number of bands out there but those two spring to mind. I like the bassline and I dig the bashing energy of the band but I’m not sure what else there is on offer. I’m checking out the third tune, Marathon of Anger, and it’s much different, it’s a spacy jam with a drum machine and a floating vibe. Sorta 21st century Greateful Dead feels or similar to that. I guess without checking a third track this is gonna be a poo poo platter of rock styles and rock formulas. I’m pretty agnostic on it.

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