Music for 10/29/21!!! Bedside Kites, ODIE

@@@ Bedside Kites: Deep Brown Eyes (N/A, 2020) I’m checking out a few tunes from Buzzfeed’s 20 black indie artists you should peep. Regular readers know how hard it is for me to give respect to indie rock genre so while I love black music, can black artists resusciatate a musical form I mightily struggle with? We’ll see! Here we have the classic elements — clean strummed electric guitar, melancholy-ish lyrics. The melodies are above average comparatively, but as a recording engineer I think it would have been nice if somebody had taken 10 minutes with izotope to remove the massive electric guitar buzz. Oy. He wants to be more than a friend, it’s a classic subject. I’m suffering from a lack fo drums and the amp noise. The singer is the star here.

@@@ ODIE: Slowly (Empire, 2020) Shifting gears to an intimate electro r&b jam style track. The singer is pretty good, he’s the most energetic while energy and tempo is not the point here. It’s a chill sitch. My favorite part of the listen is the spaciousness of the mix and the arrangement. I’m not sure I would really consider this an indie track. I don’t really love how the strings come in but he brings in a big fat bass throb that occasionally booms. I like a bunch of the stuff here without jumping up and down. I guess if I felt the drama of the strings it would work better for me, but strings, strings are pretty played out, I need someone to hit me with some extravagant ear catching string arrangements to unleash my attention.

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