Music for 10/28/21!!! Hand Habits, The Convenience

@@@ Hand Habits: Aquamarine (Saddle Creek, 2021) Ah Saddle Creek, meaningful white people rock. Lots of feelings. This is the second track on the record and I can’t believe I’m saying this but I kinda like this. I like the bass synth a whole bunch and the production is pretty small and right up in yer face at the same time that the singer is on about their feelings. This is the straight beat I would march to Hell to spend eternity with Satan but the sounds are nice. See, I’m an open minded motherfucker, so you all you peasant bitches like me can open yer minds and like things on the 10,000th listen. It’s not to low self-esteem and talking about how much they hate themselves, and it’s not to dreamy female-d out which I fucking hate, it’s got a simple no bullshit synth rock feel just being itself and not The Cure.

@@@ The Convenience: Accelerator (Winspear, 2021) Opens up with drums, handclaps, and tambourine. Labelled as indie pop, it’s an early Prince clone down to the synth sound occasionally popping into your ears. Oh my this is Controversy in a white man’s body, yowsa somebody call the Bite Patrol!!!! The main difference is the outrageousness of Prince’s lyrics vs. the pretty staid lyrics here and Prince’s use of falsetto which creates a somewhat funkier impression. Let me check the next tune to see if the Bite Patrol needs to be called on the whole record. The Prince feels continue on the second track but it’s not as energetic and shows why the early Prince records remain some of his finest work.

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