Music for 10/27/21!!! Black Marble, The Pineapple Thief

@@@ Black Marble: Somewhere (Sacred Bones, 2021) More listening off this week’s All Music notable release email. I like this label and think they put out a bunch of interesting stuff but this is the sort of ’80s influence white people, half krauty synth rock that I’ve never cottoned to. I like the lead synth sound, the second one is a bit lazier and more syrupy, and the drums, oy the drums, oh big shift into a more Devo-ish place with a spraying high synth patch. Almost two minutes in before the singer shows up and he’s cool, pretty standard for the sounds. It’s a six minute banger and I’m at 3.5 minutes and I’m sure these are perfectly fine folks but these sounds have never worked for me. If you like a nice klunky drumbeat this will go down smooth. I mean that, f’real.

@@@ The Pineapple Thief: Wretched Soul (Snapper, 2021) These guys are big rock/prog and it opens up with a male singer exclaiming ‘I’ve got a wretched soul’ and to that I say what? Have a sandwich maybe. Or a snicker doodle, a snicker doodle can be quite delicious. Sonically, the drums are indeed arena-ish and the singer is doing a less anguished but still pained Thom Yorke thing. He let it get a hold of him, that’s what he’s singing now, buttressed by a big guitar riff and the drums, oh the drums! I’m entertaining myself, always not a good sign about the music if I’m forced to amuse myself. There’s big middle part with a version of a guitar solo with some doublekick bass drum and then a comedown. It goes out with another guitar blast, a more formal sounding guitar solo

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