Music for 10/25/21!!! Keshav Batish, Deli Teli

@@@ Keshav Batish: Binaries In Cycle (Woven Strand, 2021) I think I got to this via a tweet on the Twatter. I love me some Twatter. This instrumentation here is sax, bass, drums and piano. Mix is nice, pretty clean sounds, well really clean sounds to be quite frank. The tempo is quite quick with the piano player taking the first solo and he’s doin’ all right. Oh, I think this might be an electric bass, there’s no shame in it but it does produce a pretty different vibe. The sax player took his solo and I’m most excited by the piano player, he’s catching my ears the most. It is my professionalism that has forced me to make it to the drum solo, the last solo of the quartet. It’s pretty meh, he sounds a bit like he should be in a rock band so the piano player wins the contest as the most interesting musician on this track. All right-y then.

@@@ Deli Teli: Boumpam (Rebel Up, 2021) This is some Greek psychedelic music from a small UK label that specializes in interesting mashups that always include some sort of world music style. Middle Eastern electronic, Greek pyschedelic, African shit from all over the place really. I’m on their mailing list. Two things — I can’t find this track on Apple Music so you’re going to have to deal with GooglePimpTube. Secondly I have a fair amount of Greek music in my vinyl collection so I’m a fan. What I’m struck about most here is not the instruments or the singing in Greek, it’s the distinctly surf-y vibe they’ve injected into the track. So what’s described as Greek psychedelic is more like Greek surf. I guess surf doesn’t have the best genre reputation but I dig surf music, it’s cool and weird. The bass player is on fleek, the drummer is good and in addition you have plenty of keyboard and stringed instruments, bouzouki most notably. I like the vibe here, it’s smart party music. Check it out if you dig surf or party music.

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