Music for 10/24/21!!! Kam-Bu, Qiensave

@@@ Kam-Bu: Dumpling (Parlophone, 2021) Got to this via a Crack magazine promo email. Oh British hip hop, I love this shit. The accent makes the whole thing so Great British Bake Off, it’s just hard to feel the menace with this vocal flow. Once you get past that, and maybe you’re the kind of listener that likes British accented hip hop, the sounds are quite original. There’s a fragemented come and go flavor to the sounds which really jumps out in places. In addition to the accent of the MC I have tough time following the subject matter here. I’m guessing from the title that this MC is out for some takeaway Chinese and he just loves dumplings! Well, that’s made up, I’m entertaining myself. I’m checking out the second track ‘Black on Black’ that features strings (which I hate in hip hop) and a very nicely done bassline. Again I find the arrangements more interesting than the MC. He’s not bad but the sounds win here.

@@@ ?Qiensave?: Para Poderte Olvidad (Qiensave, 2021) I got to this track via a music publicist email. This is a single that opens with rock bluster before breaking into what I think the music publicist referred to cumbia urbano. To me it’s way more electric guitars at points and some rock drums swirled into the cumbia flavor pack. The singer is mad smooth and they even get into some multiple vocal track passages. Nice space organ solo, and it’s recorded well but I switched over to another single they released this year and find a similar electric guitar sound but the vocals are busier and the tune is more energetic. This track is called La Poderosa and I’m feeling this much more than the more recent single.

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