Music for 10/23/21!!! Dooms Children, Alfa Mist

@@@ Dooms Children: Psyche Hospital Blues (Dine Alone, 2021) From the Line of Best Fit. I thought this was gonna be full on rough house business with the title of the track and name of the band. Doom and shit. However, it’s a laidback Brit rock thing with a gruff voiced singer, some twangy telecaster playing and even background singers and a slide guitar. It’s got a bit of an epic Oasis feel but more in spirit than construction. Faded rock, it’s that. Tasteful panning guitar solo that doesn’t go full batshit and even has a type of shadow either with delay or another track. I don’t completely hear the title reflected in the lyrics but it’s got a good rock feel. I’m not a huge rock guy, i’ve heard enough rock to last a lifetime. Oh fuck me, I”ve been peeping the wrong track, somehow the player skipped ahead to the next track Skeleton Beach. From the opening bit of this track (clipped below) I’m glad I was skipped ahead, as the tune clipped below is more of a standard straight ahead rocker and snoozy.

@@@ Alfa Mist: Bumper Cars ( , 2021) From the chic Brooklyn performance venue National Sawdust. This is the B side of a track due out in the middle of November. It’s a mannered and sophisto medium large ensemble jazz feel opening this up. A wee bit of funk, plenty of horns, some violin, keys, oy it’s the full monty up in here. This is strictly suit and tie action you can’t be out shitting on somebody’s lawn listening to this track, it’s far too mannered. It’s straying into soft jazz territory with a delayed sax sound and just so super chill I want to have a flavored coffee and curl up with a book on my kindle, thanks Jeff Bezos you fuckface. I joke around and call Jeff Bezos a fuckface but a lot of people like this style. It’s well done for what it is, I guess some folks aspire to this level of composure and togetherness. I do not. If you roll this way, then have at it, it’s only personal preference. At least it’s not Coldplay.

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