Music for 10/21/21!!! Meth Math, Self Esteem

@@@ Meth Math: Muro de los Lamentos (AWAL, 2021). I got to this track via a twat from Crack Magazine in the UK. It’s an electronic track that opens with a medium aggro bass and a choppy high synth that gives way to the dreamy female vocals and skittering beats. Vocals are sung in Spanish which I think is better (for me) but overall I’m having a tough time understanding the overall point of all these songs. There’s some video game feels here, the dreamy female pop feels, and the mix is crazy crazy compressed so the loudness of it does contrast other sounds that are in it. Color me confused for sure. The B side of this single is much more understandable to me. A similar formula but the sounds line up to present a dreamy sound with skittering percussion and space voyage feels. They shoulda switched the order on these tracks.

@@@ Self Esteem: I Do This All the Time (UMG, 2021). I got to this track via the Guardian that gave this second record 5 stars as an artist coming into her own type of rave. So let’s peep! This is a pre-release track from an upcoming major label banger. The sounds here are very accessible, sorta white people hip hop beats with empowerment style lyrics. Maybe other tracks are not self empowering. There are two spoken word sections that focus on a single woman prioritizing her own pleasures over getting married and having kids. The chorus really peaks out on this trip around and then it’s back to her spoken word business that I don’t really like. There is a string arrangement which lends a seriousness to the proceedings. There’s not much here I like which is unfortunate as I love music but this is just some undercover New Age dumbness.

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