Music for 10/21/21!!! Unscored, Los Bitchos

@@@ Unscored: Static (Self released, 2021) I got to this via Happy Magazine out of Australia. This slotted as punk and I love me some punk rawk! My first impression is that this is closer to Deep Purple than the Sex Pistols. After an intial blast of power chords it really quiets down into a normal song in the verse. The guitars return for the chorus and I like that. I’m not sure you can call a track with so many layered vocals a punk rock track as it violates basic definitions as far as I’m concerned. I listened bottom to top and preferred the bottom track.

@@@ Los Bitchos: Las Panteras (City Slang, 2021) Off this week’s WRIR music playlist email. This is a pre release track coming out next year and it opens up very danceable with chorused guitar and a tambourine. Even a little disco rocket ship action, you can’t fuck with that. 90 seconds in and we’ve not heard a singer so this looks set to be a slightly surfy dancefloor rock banger. What functions as a chorus in this track pops out with a very video game synth before that drops away into a distortion driven rock outro. I like it all right.

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