Music for 10/19/21!!! Kezemde George, BADBADNOTGOOD

@@@ Kazemde George: Escape (Greenleaf, 2021) Off the Twatter! Okay there are only two pre-release tracks up for this upcoming release called I Insist and the tune I’m listening to is called Things Line Up. I know the video relates to something else but you can search this music out if you dig it. What’s most notable here is the intro into the tune which features a fairly extensive synchronized melody between the horn player and a female singer. It’s very trick and a bit proggy and showing off. It then moves into a spot that’s between straight jazz and more fiery free stuff. Still leans mostly straight at least in this track. I’m guessing Mr. George is the sax player and I like his tone, his rhythm and the way he plays withing his ensemble. The player clicked through to the second pre-release track and it’s straighter with the vocalist does a pretty classic job in a tune called Skylight. As with a lot of jazz the flow and the energy is often key to proceedings and here it’s a smooth thing but with focus and sharp energy. I dig this singer here, she’s flavorful. The bass player is also quite listenable.

@@@ BADBADNOTGOOD: Love Proceeding (XL Recordings, 2021) I got to this via PItchfork’s 10 Best reviewed albums of the week and I can’t remember if I’ve heard these guys before. They are slotted as jazz in the Apple Music but to me this is some Pink Floyd-ish expansive space rock business with a few jazz fusion feels thrown in there for good measure. Jangly chorused out guitars, a small horn section but the tune is driven by the active bass player and the strings. I don’t know if it’s a synth string thing or actually string players and I’m not sure I super care. This meandering type of space rock-jazz is pretty nap inducing. I like the drum sound. I would be more into this if it had more fire. I give some love to the Keith Moon spraying drum style but the sauce on top, meh.

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