Music for 10/18/21!!! Adele, Kelsey Lu

@@@ Adele: Easy On Me (Sony, 2021) Adele is back, who gives a shit! I mean Adele can sing like a motherfucker but by the time the major label cheese has been ladled on there it’s not the most meaningful shit I’ve heard. When she gets to the chorus you get the electric bass to go with the meaningful piano. Of course she’s gonna have to unleash the vocals because that’s what’s she’s known for and I guess I’m just over these dramatic pop divas. My opinion is there’s just a wee bit too much Adele on offer here and the tune would be more interesting if there was more instrumentation and less of her vocals. This is quite a beautiful slab of boring.

@@@ Kelsey Lu: Morning Dew (Hydroharmonia, 2021) This track I got to via a Crack Magazine 10 mixes you gotta hear list email typa thingy. Actually I could not find the track namechecked on Crack Magazine and found this track both on the GooglePimp and on Apple Music. Opens with an acoustic guitar and what sounds like a bassoon. I’m not 100% on the bassoon statement but then you get vocals so it’s three components. The singing is breathy, not crazy breathy, but intimately presented which drives the track. I think she’s a cello player and in the chorus you get a descending, plucked cello melody. Another guess here but it sounds like they plugged in the bassoon and hit it with some fx actions so it’s kinda swirling and puffing behind the vocals that dominate. Overall, I woulda turned down the vocals and brought up the instruments a bit but this is strictly for folks with jobs that pay.

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