Music for 10/17/21!!! Handsome Jack, Vanishing Twin

@@@ Handsome Jack: Got You Where I Want You (Alive Naturalsound, 2021) I got to this track via a music publicist email. I dig this label due to previous records they’ve released. This is some crunchy rock but the melody is pretty much soul music. Roughed up Otis Redding or Al Green but not so booty related as the Great Horny Preacher Al Green. Junkyard Speed Ball, that’s the other Alive Naturalsound record I dug, check them out. They much trailer park-ier than these guys. The guitar tones here are pretty delicious, and I like the backup singers. The singer is pretty low profile and I could use more action from the horns. I like a horn section with all the guitars and they could have put more of that in there.

@@@ Vanishing Twin: Big Moonlight (Fire Records, 2021) This badboy is off this week’s All Music notable release email. It’s a mash of rock with retro sounds and a big dollop of lounge and electronics. Female singer chillin’ on the microphone over some surf-billy guitars. So as I said, it’s a mash. I’m more drawn in by the sounds than I am by the tune itself. It’s a groove tune with some trading off of instruments all super manicured. This is the first tune off the album and it feels long, not a really good sign. I’ll stay for a bit of the second tune and it’s the same jammy lounge rock flavor pack. It’s just a bit too polished for me though I do like the sounds. The bass player wins the day for me.

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