Music for 10/13/21!!! Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band, Jupiter and Okwess

@@@ Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band: Dance Songs for Hard Time (Thirty Tigers, 2021) Also from Ted Gioia, though I’ve been a big fan of Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band for years, he’s a nut. This is the last track on a record released earlier this year. Once a bottle slide solo hits you get the full on Rev. Peyton — full mental church revival country redneck rock business, you can’t fuck with him! Come down angels, bring some heaven down to the ground, that’s the hook. Full background choir, manic guitar playing and simple almost thrash metal drumming. I’ve heard the Reverend before and I’m a huge fan. He’s got a couple of uplifters ‘I’ll lift you up’ and ‘Come Down Angels’ some political screeds ‘Crime to be Poor’ and straight roof blasters ‘Rattle Can’ which I enjoyed the most.

@@@ Jupiter & Okwess: Telejayi (Everloving Records, 2021) This is the first track of a record released in April 2021 and it’s a modified Afrobeat formula with additions — rock energy, more complex vocal arrangements in places. The energy is also more danceable and lighter than the righteous Fela business. I really like the space organ, it elevates the track, I’m agnostic on the vocals, and I don’t love the rock guitar tones. So a bit of a mixed bag much like Ted Gioia’s recommendations. Vocals in French, just sayin’. I really don’t like the guitar here but that’s just me.

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