Music for 10/12/21!!! Leesa Johnson, Myele Manzanza

@@@ Leesa Johnson: Barn Tracks (Self-released, 2021) Today’s listens are off Ted Gioia’s recommendations of the month over off his Twatter and/or his substack. The first track is not what I expected at all. It’s an uptempo hippie/concious rock track called World Without Cause. I was expecting hillbilly tracks because of the title. My bad. Excellent conga playing here on the opener and the singing is vigorous. The second track opens with some mandolin plucking (I think) and while I this is really well executed coffee shop singer/songwriter business, it’s not a sound I crave. However, check it out if you roll this way, it’s well done.

@@@ Myele Manzanza: Crisis and Opportunity, Vol. 1: London (DeepMatter, 2021) From the same Ted Gioia monthly recommended list and it’s crisp, well turned out two horn straight jazz with piano, drums and bass. There are five tracks on offer and they’re all substantial with a couple going over 10 minutes. A synth on the second track, the stars are not lining up for me on this. I haven’t heard tons of jazz with retro synth sounds that I love. Same as the record above the recording is well made, the energy is solid, but it’s not really for me. I’ve never really been into the hippie thing and straight jazz makes me feel Republican.

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