Music for 10/11/21!!! Artikal Sound System, Eris Drew

@@@ Artikal Sound System: You’re an Asshole (Controlled Substance, 2021) I got to this track via a music publicist email. Ironically it’s a reggae track, well it’s white people Sublime style frat reggae, but the female singer does a good job with denouncing her former partner in a pale rootsy manner. Outside of the medium provocative title it’s pretty standard lyrically and there are some fairly nice sounds here, though on the poppier side of reggae. We not talking Burning Spear here.

@@@ Eris Drew: Level Cowbell (N/A, 2021) I got to this DJ set up on Apple Music via the UK music magazine Crack which I dig. This opens as straight drums and I guess they’re being mixed live furing this set. Just shy of a minute it gets into the cowbell pattern that gives the track its name. It’s a quickie break typa thing so I will hang for another track to get a better sense. The next track brings more instrumentation including some hip hop squiggle scratches and some effervescent synth bubbling. All over the power funk beat with occasional appearances by, you guessed it, the cowbell. From what I’ve sampled from the set the focus here is on brisk grooves with big hip hop influences and club sounds slathered over that. Some big grooves get excavated here.

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