Music for 10/10/21!!! Domingae, Thrice

@@@ Domingae: AE (Sacred Bones, 2021) Off this week’s All Music notable release email. Vibe wise I would put this trippier and a bit darker on the electronic music spectrum. Any time I hear chopped and glitched voices it feels a bit deconstructed and dehumanizing as you’re taking human voices and putting them through the wringer. Other sounds here are radio wave type business, some low rumbling, even some rhythmic metal stabs. The second tune, Daemon, brings a four on the floor kraut-y type beat which immediately anchors all the ambient sounds and changes the listening experience. The chopped and glitched vocals sound very cool contrasted with the beat and less unsettling. I’m checking out the second to last tune, Aenihilator, and it’s very voice centered as well. It’s got a pulsing, regular bass sound and a lot of gusty sounds. I don’t like it as much as the second track Daemon, but it’s cool.

@@@ Thrice: Scavengers (Epitaph, 2021) Also off the All Music notable release email. These guys are more of a hard rock thing thing than the usual So Cal Epitaph power punk or poppier punk. I like the drum sound and if you like the singer you’ll probably like the record. I’m agnostic on his gravelly, world weary voice. To me this is an updated grunge record with big feels and friendly production. Great sounds here and classic rock energy and it’s all right, I’m not jumping up and down but it’s cool.

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