Music for 10/9/21!!! Moonchild Sanelly, Tall Black Guy and Ozay

@@@ Moonchild Sanelly: Yebo Teacher (Transgressive, 2021) Off Line of Best Fit! I’m gonna have to GooglePimp Sanelly’s bio cuz I’m hearing strong African feels swirled up in a poppy context. She’s from South Africa, I don’t know where she lives now, but she has invented a genre called future ghetto punk, I’m a fan of that. I can’t tell if this is a drum machine of hand drumming or a combo platter (guessing the latter) but the synth bass is synth bass and it’s a mostly electro arrangement with a lot call and response. Yebo means ‘I agree’ so she’s the teacher and she’s teaching her students. I’m not a huge pop fan but this is pretty strong rhythmically and is not nearly as mindless as say, the Beebs.

@@@ Tall Black Guy and Ozay: Viberite (Coalmine, 2021) I got to this via a prome email from the label that released this. I’m pretty sure on that. This is the third track from the record and it has a distinctly NYC sound with a fair amount of Tribe Called Quest friendly, sophisticated funk flavors. I wouldn’t say it’s a party track per se, but it certainly isn’t a huge statement track. It’s the vibe, right? Hooky with a bit of George Clinton (just a wee bit) in the chorus so there’s decent contrast between the rhymed verse and the chorus. A female MC grabs the mic around 3 minutes and that changes the overall feel of the track. I like this and if you’re in the mood for some fresh retro this could work for you.

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