Music for 10/8/21!!! Hempress Sativa, The Scientist meets Ted Sirota

@@@ Hempress Sativa: Scheme (Cienfuego, 2021) We finish off this work week’s listening with a little roots and culture. The track opens in a spaghetti western style including banjo. Then the track expands out into a full modern reggae flavor with Ms. Sativa going mellow on the microphone and full conspiracy theory in the lyrics. It’s all about social control, withheld information and a scheme for control. I don’t agree with the sentiments here but it’s pretty fascinating. Distrust of the white man is deep people, it’s a deep distrust that produces tracks like this. She gets into MK Ultra and other shit that has happened to the people of the Third World. The sounds are delicious and smooth and the lyrics are gasoline on an already tense situation. If you’re up for some roots reggae on this Friday this will do you.

@@@ Dr. Bassie dubs with Scientist in the Last Lands (Michael Bell, 2021) Released this year (it may be a reissue) but this is some proper old school dub with super chill dub and concious Rasta lyrics. I’m not sure I find any nits to pick, you just get pulled into the mad prophetic world of the Cultivator, who I’ve never heard of not that that matters, super sticky and deep. If you google this album title nothing turns up which is a shame as this is some super flavorful roots business. I’m now sampling the fourth tune and it is one wicked monster shot after another, you best not sleep on this music, it’s righteous dub.

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