Music for 10/6/21!!! Kit Sebastion, Flying Lotus

@@@ Kit Sebastian: Melodi Pt 1 and 2 (Mr. Bongo, 2021) I got to this via last week’s All Music notable release email. I’m a fan of Mr. Bongo’s releases. I’m checking out the fourth track of the record, Melodi Pt. 1 and it’s pretty cracked lounge music. Sung in French, that’s a bit of a guess there. Nice piano player as well as some tasty weirdo drone-y organ. Part 1 of the song morphs into Part II and this tune is much more rocking with more presence from the singer. The music is not necessarily strange in structure, but the vibe and the feel of it is a bit purposely mad. It’s not an homage to retro music and it’s not thoroughly of today, it’s a weird-y.

@@@ Flying Lotus: War at the Door (Warp, 2021) My generic opinion is that Flying Lotus is an extremely talented arranger who often bogs down in the Prog Swamp. These tracks are a soundtrack to an anime movie — I think that’s cool and fertile ground for a musical suite. The video clipped below is the first track of the record, it opens airy and epic before opening out into a lush symphonic jazz electro vibe. Ooh, there’s somethin’ so nerdy about how the Lotus sounds. I think it’s partly the sounds he employs and the way it’s all mixed together but I never though I would see the day when an anime flick would sport a jazz fusion soundtrack. Even track 6, Crust, which I hoped would shed its cleanliness for the sake of the title is manicured excessively. Where’s my Crust, crust is good. Pizza crust, that shit is really good. A crusty layer of cheese on some casserole, I’m with that. Ah well, this is where the Lotus is at and it is to be accepted.

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