Music for 10/5/21!!! Public Service Broadcasting, Big/Brave

@@@ Public Service Broadcasting: Blue Heaven (Test Card/Play It Again Sam, 2021) I often listen bottom to top so this is my second listen of the post and I checked out Big Brave first. This is a female lead/driven band but the sonic palette is so much more corporate, polished and ultimately not super satisfying, or satisfying to me not much at all. It’s like Smashing Pumpkins with that annoying fucking geezer doing his stupid shit — big big rawk motherfuckers! Big mamma jamma power chords in the chorus, you can’t fuck with this. Production is epic and as discussed previously smooth and manicured like a porn star’s genitals. I understand millions of people love this kind of business, but not me. I’m sure they’re awesome people, it’s just not my thing.

@@@ Big Brave: Black is the Colour (Thrill Jockey, 2021) Slotted as alternative on Apple Music it’s leaning folk bluegrass to my ears. It’s got a mad old school simplicity of strings and female harmonizing. I’m not sure if we got a glockenspiel here but it’s nice. You catch a vibe and keep it going, that’s the good shit as far as I’m concerned. It’s hard to sing like this, it takes soul and skill. I’m skipping around and giving the opening track a ride — it opens with some pretty tasty solo electric guitar, there’s the whole band, so I guess it is closer to alternative than I thought but it still has some countrified roots and flavors. This is a circle back record for me, Imma check this out more and I think it might end up on my best of list.

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