Music for 10/4/21!!!! UOKAYE, Ashley Shadow

@@@ UOKAYE: Panda Dreams (Axis Mundi, 2021) I got to this via a music publicist email. Slotted as pop, it is deep electro with some breathy female vocals over the top. We’re talking full jeep, cheek flapping bass and some high end rain tinkly synths. I’m drawn in by the sounds, less so by the singing. Just comparing, that’s the gig. I’m taking a quick listen to the second song and again I think the producer has outdone the vocalist here. She’s all right but…

@@@ Ashley Shadow feat. Bonnie Prince Billy: Don’t Slow Me Down (felte, 2021) I can’t remember how I got to this track, maybe Line of Best Fit. It’s a dirge-y country thing with washy guitar and lonesome vocals. Very large production without slathering it in cheese. I’m not as enamored with Bonnie Prince Billy as much as the rest of indie world but he comes on the mic and drops some soulful business on this track. They sing beautifully together here. It’s very much of a vibe track highlighted by the chorus. I’ve now stuck around for a third track and the opener is a bit less than midtempo rocker with electric guitar and her soothing, reverbed vocals. I’m going to circle back on this record — it’s not my absolute favorite style of music but she’s got something going on here.

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